Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Are you that woman who think she has it all? If you own a Birkin or Kelly bag by Hermes you do have it all.

Are you willing to wait to be added to a waiting list? Well, you would have to wait to be added to this waiting list if you're interested in purchasing one of these infamous bags. There is a five year waiting list to be able to purchase one of these bags. BAG DAMNED!

How much are you willing to pay in order to say you have it all? If you have it all then you have $5509.00 to own the black bag and $490 to own the wallet. How about paying up to $85,000.00 to own one of these bags. BAG DAMN IT!

Having it all is not so easy, but keep struggling and working hard and soon someone will make these bags for the struggling. Coming to a corner store near you.


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