Friday, April 07, 2006

First Class Corner

ATN: Do you really need to introduce yourself. Everybody knows FCPI Top Model and now Aspiring Writer Ms. Brionna Hardemon. Well, introduce yourself for those that are not familiar.
Brionna: Hello aspiring as you all have read in the opening line my name is Brionna Hardemon and I’m a model and writer born and raised in Miami- Dade County.

ATN: When did you get started with FCPI?
Brionna: I started with FCPI in about 2002, but I took a break off to have my daughter and in 2005 I was back on the grind.

ATN: There are a lot of modeling groups, agencies, model management companies that offer all types of work for their models. What type of job assignments does FCPI provides for their members?
Brionna: FCPI provides what ever job you want to be in as long as it is classy and tasteful.

ATN: I read your article and it was Jazzy. Will our readers be reading more of your articles?
Brionna: You better believe it. Check out my article titled "MIC Check 1, 2," Brionna is in the building to stay!

ATN: If you could interview one person who would it be and why?
Brionna: That one person would be Tip Harris for those that don’t know Tip "TI" Harris who’s album "King" just drop(03-28-06) and also his first movie ATL in theater as of 03-31-06.
Why? His style and I would love to sit down just to have a one on one even if it is business. He just gives me goose bumps. Need I say more?
ATN: WOW! sounds like somebody's got the hots!

ATN: Other than First Class Productions, what other modeling groups are you with or have worked with?
Brionna: When I first started out I was with a company named Image.

ATN: Have you worked with any of the other members? If so who and what was the assignment?
Brionna: Yes, I’ve work with Renee (several times), Tamika, Dannitra, and Aruna at the MTV Awards 2005.

ATN: Is it true that models can be a Bitch and have a Diva attitude?
Brionna: Yes that's true, but you don’t have to be a model to be a Bitch or a Diva.

ATN: Have you had any experiences with models (male/female) that portrayed the bitch and/or the Diva? If so, we want to know all the details (LOL)
Brionna:Yes, I have, but there's really no details to give. I just politely put that person in his or her place and continue to be professional about the situation. ATN: Oh you're goood

ATN: Describe an assignment that was obtained through FCPI that was not so great.
Brionna: My first bad experience was that Damn Apple Bottom casting. For one it was unorganized and more of a freak casting. The judge that was judging me at the time totally ignored me and started watching a model that was making her booty clap. That was very tacky.

ATN: Have you been featured in any music videos?
Brionna: No, I'm not really into being a video vixen.

ATN: How do you feel about the models that are featured in the music videos?
Brionna: It's their decision if that’s how they want people to see them. If so, remember aim for the #1 spot.

ATN: What are your thoughts on “Confessions of a Video Vixen?”
Brionna: Ms. Karrine Steffans had some issues she wanted to address and also make money while doing it. So she comes up with the book "Confessions of a Video Vixen." One thing if you are going to air your dirty laundry don’t be afraid of the feedback and questions you are going to get and never ever dedicate your dirty laundry to your child. (Hint Karrine)

ATN: Has FCPI made it easier to get your foot in the door?
Brionna: Honestly, yes FCPI has opened so many doors for me and I’m thankful being a part of FCPI.

ATN: How tall are you without heels?
Brionna: Look at the picture how tall do I look. Yes, you guess 6 feet ( Sike Ms. Brionna stands tall at 5”4 ½ ( yes in a half give me my half of an inch).

ATN: Does FCPI have any height or weight requirements to join their group?
Brionna: No, No, No that’s one of the things that make FCPI unique.

ATN: Have you ever thought about competing on America’s Next Top Model?
Brionna: I attended a casting here in Miami, but I was not selected because Tyra is looking for green giants not us short and petite women.

ATN: FCPI is affiliated with other companies in the business, and if they were able to hook you up with one important contact who would it be and why?
Brionna: Look back at question # 5 Clifford “TIP” Harris

ATN: We all have a million goals that we would like to achieve. What is your primary goal in this business?
Brionna: Not just to make it in the business, but to learn about the business on stage and off.

ATN: There are many aspiring individuals that are seeking the same thing. What advice can you give them that will assist them in seeking their goals?
Brionna: There are going to be a lot of doors closing, but keep knocking until the right door opens. Remember, who wants to go in the first door that opens without doing history. With that being said don’t dive at the first thing approached to you make sure you weigh your options.

ATN: Wait! Don’t you have a deadline to meet? Our time is up! Please before you go, let the ATN readers know what’s coming up for Brionna Hardemon, i.e. fashion shows, competitions, photo shoots, web groups, websites, appearances etc.
Brionna: Well, on April 7-9 I was featured in a Bridal Show in the Bahamas, I have two photo shoots coming up one with a local designer and one to update my portfolio. Also, in May I will be featured in a fashion show produced by FCPI featuring the Rebelwear collections designs by Pierre Etienne on Memorial's Day at Mellow Mondays. Just keep up with me because 2006 is my year.

ATN: We wish you much success in all that you do and continue to keep ATN in the loop as a member of First Class Productions


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