Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hey ATN readers I'm here with a treat for you to meet and greet Ms. Natasha an Aspiring Model and Actress.

TA-S: When did you first develop an interest in modeling and acting?

Natasha: Modeling has always been something fun for me to do, and I have never really dreamed of an acting career until i had a chance to be on a set and see the energy of it. That was this past summer, and I've been pursuing it ever since.

TA-S: Have you studied acting?

Natasha: Only briefly.

TA-S: How have you been preparing for the modeling aspect of your entertainment career?

Natasha: I have been in several fashion shows to build my resume, and getting enough time behind the lenses, trying to master the photography aspect.

TA-S: So if you had to choose between stage and film---which would you choose and why?

Natasha: I would choose film at first. Then go into stage. It seems as if every seasoned actor has to have some experience in stage, and I aim to be that...seasoned :)

TA-S: Who are your favorite actors and models? Why?

Natasha: Actors: Christopher Walken; Michael Rosembaum - he is crazy Model: Tyra - did not like her for a long time until she stepped out on her own and showed everyone her real mind power.

TA-S: Have you done many photo shoots?

Natasha: Some...If you consider test shoots also. Five this year since I started. All a notch higher than the one before.

TA-S: Do you have a agent or manager?

Natasha: Yes, I work with two agencies...Non-Exclusive

TA-S: Are you planning on moving back to New York or Hollywood at some point?

Natasha: If that is where my career takes me. But I like Georgia.

TA-S: Where do you want to be in the next five years?

Natasha: I would like to be happily married, with a degree in Journalism or something of the sort, along with my advanced career as an actor/model. They all tie in to each other.


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