Friday, April 28, 2006


New York-born, Atlanta-resident, TA-S interviews the up and coming model and fashion entrepreneur, Yanique!

TA-S: First of all, what is your nationality and where are you located?

Yanique: I am Jamaican born in Kingston, I reside in Richmond, VA at the moment.

TA-S: When did you develop an interest in modeling?

Yanique: My interest in modeling started when I was 6 yrs old living in Connecticut. My mother enrolled me in Barbizon.

TA-S: How long have you actually been modeling?

Yanique: Well, a few fashion shows here and there from 6 yrs old. But, I decided to really get into it last year.

TA-S: Which type of modeling interests you the most? i.e. urban, high fashion, runway, commercial, etc..

Yanique: High-fashion/glamour, but realistically i don't fit into that category so, urban FASHION, and print commercials.

TA-S: What do you think are your best physical assets? Why?

Yanique: I think my eyes and cheekbones are my best physical features for modeling since I'm not that tall. These characteristics are going to make me stand out.

TA-S: You studied at Barbizon, right? DId you learn anything there? A lot of people have not so good things to say about modeling schools. What was your experience like?

Yanique: LOL...Well, when I was young I thought it was the greatest back then but, the reality is modeling schools are for anyone whose parents want to shell out money for their kids to feel "beautiful". I think they should change the name from modeling school to charm school to be honest, because they focus more on proper "etiquette" than anything, but that was back in '86/'87 and I'm sure not much has changed since then.

TA-S: You actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising. What university did you attend?

Yanique: I attended Virginia Commonwealth University here in Richmond from 1998-2002

TA-S: What do you plan to do with your degree? Is it helping you with your modeling in anyway?

Yanique: I've been actually planning on opening up a boutique with my stepsister in West Palm, because she has a fashion merchandising degree as well that she received in London. I'm also going to help my cousin in New York who wants to develop a reggae/hip-hop magazine and clothing line. I've just always been into fashion, which is why I went to school for it. It's my passion whether it will be the business side or the modeling side.

TA-S: Describe your best photo shoot?

Yanique: I have to say my best photo shoot was in New York with Michel Tileri. He's been in the business for a while and has been teaching me a lot. He understands what I want to do in modeling, which is print (fashion) and that's what he's gearing me towards instead of trying to coerce me into taking my clothes off, but that's another

TA-S: Describe your worst photo shoot?

Yanique: My worst shoot?? Won't name names, but a couple of shoots that I was told were going to be one way ended up being something totally different, no organization whatsoever..just a mess...

TA-S: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Yanique: Running my businesses with my family and being in the print commercial side of modeling and most importantly OUT OF