Thursday, May 18, 2006

MIC Check 1, 2- by Brionna Hardemon

What's UP! Aspiring it's your girl Brionna coming again with an exclusive interview. I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet with new Hip-Hop group "Basic Vocab" who is here to keep me and you in the loop of their new career.

Brionna: Introduce yourself to the Aspiring readers

BV: Hey wuz up this is Tony the producer of Basic Vocab I've produced records for TI, Trick Daddy and many other artists. Hey I'm "JL" one of the lyricist for Basic Vocab and we're missing "Mental Growth" that couldn't be here, but I'll speak for him.

Brionna: What's the concept behind Basic Vocab?
JL: Good positive music, bringing back Hip Hop.
Tony: Good spirit music that you can listen to. No negative only if dealing with society issues.

Brionna: What makes your sound different from other hip-hop groups?
JL: Basic Vocab is not trying to sound like anybody else we're doing what we do.

Brionna: Who do you compare your music to?
JL: Artist that bring positive things into the hip hop game such as; A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Common.

Brionna: Do you think hip-hop is in danger with the type of music that's being pumped out?
BV: No not really, it's basically the same thing now, but it was in more danger with the East and West coast era. But hip-hop is always changing.

Brionna: Who are some of your influences in the industry? past or present
JL: A Tribe Called Quest, Grand Master Flash, Kool-Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane and Rahkeem.
Tony: Eric B, Eric Sermon, Def Squad, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, and JD.
Brionna: What about Cool and Dre?
Tony: (LOL) Yea, I know them they are cool.

Brionna:As far as the business of hip-hop, do you think it's easier to get a record deal today?
Tony: If you can survive the whole aspect of the business they're either going to like you or not

Brionna:Who have you worked with in terms of artists and/or producers?
Tony: Dead Prez, Dave Ghetto, and Green House

Brionna:Well, I checked out the CD and my favorite tracks are #3 & 4. What are your favorite tracks? and why?
JL: "Fall One" for me it means the difference between the war in Iraq and the war in the streets, and "Watching you" that is a political theme talking about the government.
Tony:"Lightness" and "Fall One" means everything in life has it consequence.

Brionna: Who would you like to work with in the industry ?
JL: Common, Mos Def anybody that brings positive music to hip-hop
Tony: Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Q Tip and TI

Brionna: Any tour dates, appearances, listening parties scheduled?
Tony: Well, you just missed the listening party it was in April, but everything is TBA. The album drops May 23, 2006. Go out and get it " The General Dynamic"
Brionna: I know, I missed the listening party, but Sunnie, Krystal and Renee of First Class Productions, Inc held it down by attending and brought me a CD

Brionna: What track will be the featured single?
BV: The single is in stores and is being played on the radio as we speak. The title is "Come get with it"and "Lightness" pick it up now it's hot guys.

Brionna: Any dates on a video shoot? If so, First Class Productions, Inc (FCPI) has all the models you need and might I add First Class Models.
Tony: I hear you (lol) TBA we just hooked up with the producer maybe two months down the line.
Brionna: Now, don't forget FCPI has the models you need
Tony: Oh, I won't

Brionna: If you could change one major thing in hip-hop what would it be? and why?
Tony: To make dudes not able to use pro tools so they won't be able to use your track before paying. Reason being is now-a-days you make a track and the artist listen, rap on it and go. They download it and sometimes it take six months before you get paid or even worse, people can download your tracks before you can sell it and who wants to buy a beat that everybody has already heard.
JL: Violence, because look what happened to Proof of D-12 and TI's personal assistant. People it's just music we need to act right.

Brionna: Your sound has that old school hip-hop sound more like Mos Def. Do you think there's a place for your sound in the industry?
BV:Most definitely!

Brionna: Well, I'm feeling it across the board and this is where you are allowed to have a moment of shout out meditation
JL: Shout out to everybody that worked on this project my man Mental Growth, and my family and friends
Tony: Traffic, AVX, Vinny, family and friends, Peace and Good music to everybody

Brionna: It has truly been a pleasure interviewing you and again much success in all that you do. I'm Brionna Hardemon, writer for Aspiring asking you to please keep us in the loop with your rise to success.
"Until next time, Brionna is out of the building"