Friday, May 19, 2006


Hey, Aspiring readers "TA Styles" here with yet another Talented Beauty. She is Ms. Tease who currently holds the title of Miss Black Maryland 2005-06. I was able to get penciled in her busy calendar to get an exclusive interview with the Petite Beauty.

TAS: Ms. Tease when did modeling first become attractive to you as a career pursuit?

Tease: Wow! I've been modeling on and off for about 8yrs but about three years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition in which my time on earth could cut short. I figured that it was time for me to take my goals seriously. I didn't want to leave this earth with any regrets and one of my goals was to be a model.

TAS: When you’re in front of a camera what is it like for you? What does it do to you?

Tease: It gives me the feeling like holding a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer.... its a warm cuddly feeling. The camera brings out the best in me. From my photos, my true feelings are reflected, I feel as though this is where I belong.

TAS: What are your modeling aspirations and goals?

Tease: I want to be the first internationally recognized petite model. I want to break the tough standards that the modeling industry has banned us from. I look to the plus size women who are currently breaking ground as my inspiration.

TAS: What type of photographer do you prefer to work with?

Tease: All kinds I have no preferences.

TAS: What are your best physical attributes? What are your greatest assets?

Tease: I've been told my eyes because they pull you in, and then my heart because it keeps you there.

TAS: Do you ever watch "America’s Next Top Model? If so, what do you think about the show? If not why?

Tease: Oh yeah! I love that show. I study everything and put myself to the challenge, because I want to know if I'm good enough. I just wish they could give people under 5'7 a chance, because there are far better girls out there. They should do an "America's Next Print Model".

TAS: Have you ever considered auditioning for the show?

Tease: Yes, I have, even though I don't meet their height requirement. Too many people have been saying that I should give it a try. Its not like I've got something to loose.

TAS: Do you have an agent or manager?

Tease: No, but I'm looking for one.... call me.

TAS: Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

Tease: I hope to be engaged and entering my chosen profession. As for modeling, that will never stop.

TAS: How will you get there?

Tease: My determination will get me there. Someone once asked me, "Who is your hero?" I replied "I am my hero, because I've been through so much and I am still alive".

TAS: Well, Ms. Tease it's been great and we at Aspiring wish you much success in your modeling career.