Monday, July 31, 2006

DEEP IN THOUGHT, by Sunnie I. Morrison

Question: Have you ever thought about going to work one day and just kick everybody’s ass? It would be a great way to release stress that is being tossed at you from your boss and those trifling women in the workplace.

Thought: Well, for those of you who thought about it, but have not acted on it because you’re afraid of losing your job, I did it for us all.

Scenario: I had been catching beef with my stupidvisor for the pass week and since this is a new week I’m not taking anymore of her sh**. The first person that says something slick to me, I’m slapping the hell out of them.

I walked into the office and went directly to the lounge to put my food in the fridge. One of the secretaries says to me with this nasty tone; “make sure you don’t leave your belongings in the fridge, because at the end of the day everything will be thrown out” I closed the fridge looked at her and WAP! I slapped the hell out of her. She’s standing there holding her face as I grabbed my lunch out of the fridge to take with me to my office.

Ten minutes in my office the secretary’s supervisor comes to me and asked me what was going on. I had no conversation for her either so, WAP! I slapped her ass too. She’s standing in my office holding her face with her mouth wide open as I walked out my office to go to the restroom. I’m in the restroom getting my thoughts together, because I know it’s about to jump off. As I was coming out of the bathroom my stupidvisor stops me and tells me that I needed to go home. I just looked at her while she stands there with this big fake smile showing her big ass teeth and out of nowhere WAP! I slapped the hell out of her too. I stood there for a moment and looked at her to make sure she knew that was not a mistake.

Feeling slap happy, I went back to my office to gather my things, so I can leave. While getting my things the cleaning lady comes into my office speaking Spanish and without a doubt WAP! I slapped her ass and told her “Learn how to speak English” and threw her garbage bags at her. Well, she did speak English when I slapped her, because she yelled out Sh**! She ran out of my office and ran into the Head of Department, who was coming into my office. He closed the door and asked me what was wrong with me. Mind you I’m 4’11 and he’s 6’3 so my slapping reach was a distance. So, slap happy as I am I stood on the stoop step in my office and WAP! I slapped the hell out of him TWICE! But the second slap he grabbed my hand and started slapping me with my own hand. He slapped me for each person I slapped until he slapped me back into reality. Dam! I was deep in thought again and didn’t slap a dam soul. But it sure as hell felt good thinking about it.