Saturday, May 27, 2006


Solana Raye is a Toronto Based model who believes that in order for any woman to make it in this business unblemished, she MUST view it as a business and not a lifestyle.
"As long as you distinguish the two you will be on top of your own game instead of someone constantly being on top of your preaching game".

TAS: How long have you had an interest in modeling?

Solana: I have been modeling off and on for years, but only started taking it seriously about two years ago. I had worked on several projects in my teens doing fashion shows, movies, and music video extras. However, once I started the University and had a child, I strayed away from it completely. About two years ago I made an appointment with an agent to sign up my daughter for modeling, and the agent liked my look and after much contemplation I signed up with her. The experience has been interesting. I am still waiting for my 'BIG BREAK', which may never come, but I am definitely going to enjoy the process of trying to get there.

TAS: Have you actually started pursuing a career? If so, how? or is it still an aspiration?

Solana: I don't consider modeling a career it is more like a hobby. However, I do have several agents, but I have not yet found myself in a position to classify modeling as anything more than something to do for the moment.

TAS: What type of modeling do you want to do?

Solana: Due to the fact that I am only 5ft. 5in. and far from being skinny, my focus is commercial print and music videos as they are more suited to a woman of my stature.

TAS: I think you have a future in music videos.

Solana: You and everyone else. A lot of people that I have met say the same thing. I have also been told that if I resided in the bigger cities in the US my career would have taken off sooner. They may be right, but I will never know because I enjoy living where I am.

TAS: Exactly why do you aspire to be a model?

Solana: Modeling for me is primarily for the contacts that I can make on the way to pursuing other ventures. My goal is to open my own business before I turn 30 and the individuals I meet on the way to realizing that goal could be an asset to my business aspiration.

TAS: Where are you from originally?

Solana: I was born in Jamaica and moved to Canada in 1989 as a young girl and I have resided here ever since.

TAS: You're in Canada? What is the modeling industry like there? Where have you lived?

Solana: Due to the fact, that Toronto is so very ethnically diverse and somewhat off the radar, it can be quite difficult to try and break into the industry. I have seen many girls try for years to make it in Toronto, but only realizing to pursue their dreams they would have to pack their bags and move to one of the big cities in the US. I think for the next generation of models it may be a lot easier to break into the scene, because the city has been getting a lot more attention over the years and this will aid in getting our talent recognized.

TAS: If you had a fashion opportunity in another country would you move?

Solana: It would depend on how long of an assignment it was. Being a single mother you cannot simply get up and move on a whim, so I would have to ensure that the situation was beneficial for myself and my princess.

TAS: What type of photographers would you like to work with?

Solana: I love photographers who have a keen eye for abstract photographs. I am a risk taker when it comes to my pictures. So, I enjoy working with photographers who see past the regular glamour and beauty shots.

TAS: What's your shooting style? How do you like to work in front of the camera?

Solana: I don't consider myself to have a particular style. I believe that every shoot has a mood and so I go with the mood of the shoot. Some shoots require you to be sensual and demure others may require you to give the impression that you're the "boss".

TAS: What are your top two physical assets?

Solana: I would have to say my eyes and my legs. I ran track and field for 12 years and have been told I have legs like a stallion. (LOL)

TAS: Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

Solana: In the next few years I hope to be pursuing my goal of opening my own business and starting an investment group for young black entrepreneurs.

TAS: What is your plan for getting there?

Solana: Hard work, determination, the will to achieve, support from my extensive network of friends and colleagues and most importantly my belief in the good Lord, because through him I can achieve anything.

TAS: Well, Solana it has been a pleasure and much success in your modeling and entrepreneurial journey.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Aspiring attended the Duane Starks Charity Foundation held on May 19 - 21, 2006, at the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Miami, Florida. The weekend started with a fabulous white party by the pool featuring four local designers.

Kimaje Kreations &
Caroline's Designs

Also, a few of the designers featured one or more of First Class Beautiful Models: An excellent job goes out to:

Sunnie - Director of FCPI who coordinated Caroline's Designs runway
Brionna - Featured Model for Caroline's Designs
Lisa - Caroline's Designs
Renee - Caroline's Designs
Melanie - Kimaje Kreations & Caroline's Designs
Aruna - Kimaje Kreations
Nina - Kimaje Kreations
Easter - Caroline's Designs
Khadene - Caroline's Designs
Stacey-Ann - Kimaje Kreations & Caroline's Designs

Sautrday night was the star studded Yacht Party featuring Morris Chestnut, Edgerrin James, and a host of other folk ready to have a fabulous time.

Sunday afternoon it ended with a beautiful brunch held at the Doubletree Grand in Downtown Miami, Florida. It was a wonderful weekend and Aspiring made some great contacts and we will be on the scene at next year's event.

We inspire the Aspiring!